A Letter to Markus, Founder of POF (Plentyoffish.com)

Markus, I would love to converse with you about some of the fundamental flaws with online dating. Specifically your site which I have been a member of on and off for the last 4 years. While I agree that men should not be on POF for hooking up and casual sex and should be focused on relationships, I urge you to involve yourself in the actual process/environment of online dating. I could never count the amount of times I have had prolonged, deep, inciteful conversations with women attempting to build a connection, rapport and common ground only to have women “disappear” “profile deleted” without so much as a goodbye. Or met up with a girl, have a fantastic date, create a real connection only to never hear from them again. I have spent countless hours crafting personalized messages involving common interests, personal anecdotes and witty stories that involve a woman’s profile. 5% response rate if that. Cheesy, scripted, psychology based cut and paste messages 50%. The only way to have any success on here is to message as many women as possible and hope to catch a few in the exact right moment when they are open to meeting up. Personalized messages, prolonged interactions and building a connection are all a tremendous waste of time on POF. A well-crafted profile doesn’t matter, I believe the less a guy says the better. Thoughtful first message, not important. You check out my pics, I check out yours. If we both think this is the best I can possibly get we meet. Flawed system. I am not bitter. Let that not be the message. I have had several relationships and countless meet ups. It is my personal opinion that several things are happening on this site and it is not all the “horny guys” fault. 1. Many women are on the site simply for validation purposes. They are feel low confidence, they need a boost, they need to be validated by having a few strangers hit on them so they create a profile with no intention of ever answering, meeting up or creating a relationship. 2. Many women already have a man, if not two and if they have a bad night with him or he is not agreeable to their whims they are on the site looking for some temporary satisfaction under the guise of “I am not here to ‘hookup’ or ‘one night stand'” when in reality they are spoken for and have no intention of something real. It is a way for them to create some jealousy, stir up some intrigue at the expense of some unsuspecting guy who just put in 2 weeks of well-intentioned, thoughtful messages. Please!!! ¬†Last, but not least is the flaw of the “Player” I suspect that 2% of the males on the site are working over, having indiscriminate sex with up to 25% of the females in any given urban area. Why do I say this? Well, my mentality is that I am only going to meet up with the very very most desirable women in my area. Why? Because I meet average women every day and even easier to meet them in a bar. No need to waste time with something that is very common. It is very easy for guys to put up a profile that makes them appear genuine, honest, wholesome and virtuous. In reality, these top guys can have there pick in complete anonymity over and over again without repercussion using woman after woman each expecting a solid guy. Again, please! Props to them for doing what they do and if women are not bright enough to see through that they deserve what they get. I would like to be in their position at times but also long for something more meaningful and lasting. I hope this provides some insight into the experience of POF and some of the reasoning behind it’s users actions. As for solutions, you will have to put me on the payroll for that one and I am currently making $75K at a Fortune500 company for the last 15 years but feel free to make me an offer. ¬† :) Jake

4 comments on “A Letter to Markus, Founder of POF (Plentyoffish.com)

  1. roger says:

    Your full of sh**, how do you think you no what I’m interested in , when it comes to the opesite sex. You sadistic prick. If no one has reported me for wrongful ,disrespectful activity then you have nerves to limit me to chating with Wemon my age. You jelous punk.

  2. b says:

    Wanted to y u took me off the pof site when u emailed me asking for my email an password saying u was verify all of it then 5 hrs later my profile was no more i feel that it was not cool when i didn’t have any thing wrong with my profile an no naked pics on there..

  3. Zack Simmons says:

    Hello Marcus, I am Zac, Flyingwhileblind, I seem to have been deleted an I dont understand why, I deserve a reason, Ive been respectful, not used dirty pic’s, not used bad language. Im sure Ive been blocked, but that was for saying Hi babe, or Hello Sexy, thats not a reason to delete me, just want to know why

  4. lee says:

    hello markus ozzie here your running scams its all about the money your taking avantage of mentally ille people and victims on here see your in Canada an I now my familyfrom watetown ny i see these messages on here i don’t now there story were all sick as are secrets and your making off ads and people see free a big word we all now that your smart bussniess person your not helping people making people sick and i won t go on from there but wish i could talk to you its not personel lol

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